All 6 phases of XWOD "Competitor" a.k.a. [Compete] Level Programs - Competitor is for individuals  who are competitive Functional Fitness/GRID Athletes. If you compete in 2 or more Functional Fitness/GRID related competitions per year, and you need an competitive edge while keeping volume down ...THIS is your program.  In this program the individual will have up to 4 workouts per week, integrated with Westside-Barbell "Conjugate System" programming.  Such programming has been overseen by Louie Simmons himself.  And is the BEST way to program XWOD's and Conjugate together.  Traditional athletes are also welcome to choose this program, and are advised to take caution and avoid over-training, in order to stay fresh for their respective sport. [NOTE- ALL PROGRAMS ARE DESIGNED TO INCREASE AN INDIVIDUAL'S OVERALL EXPLOSIVE SPEED & POWER -> JUMP HIGHER - RUN FASTER - LIFT HEAVIER - PR MORE OFTEN - AND STRENGTHEN JOINTS AND LIGAMENTS OVERALL]

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