" I purchased remote coaching from Ryan via a reference from a friend and he has more than delivered. He has always been immediately reachable when I have questions and has been genuinely enthusiastic and supportive of my progress. Even though I train remotely, he motivates similar to an in-person coach. I would recommend him and his products to any aspiring athlete without hesitation."

-Chris Ryan, CrossFit Paradigm Performance

Director of Performance

Olympic Weightlifter - 2015 USAW American Open Qualifier

 "I love your site!!!  Good work!!"

-Coach Mike Burgener, Mikes Gym

Senior International Weightlifting Coach

CrossFit Weightlifting

" Just PR'd my deadlift at 500lbs, and hit a 435lb back squat last week! PR's are still coming at 48 years old. Also hit 330 on bench press! Since the seminar my deadlift has gone up 95lbs, my back squat has gone up 50lbs, my bench press 55lbs, snatch went up 35lbs, and clean and jerk is up 50lbs! Not to mention, I am a Type 1 Diabetic, with Multiple Sclerosis and approaching 50 years old."

- Greg Roelle, CrossFit Coach

" I started implementing your explosive principles into coaching at my box recently.  People LOVE it!! You've created an awesome and fun way to get faster, stronger, and more explosive. Keep it up!"

-Chris Hudson, CrossFit Coach

"I've only added explosive training with my strength training for 2 weeks, and I PR'd my clean by 20lbs!! I can't even contain my excitement right now!!"

-Laura Stoffel, CrossFit Fond Du Lac

"Came in to the gym to do Open Workout 15.3.  I saw the XWOD Pre-Game Warm-Up on the board, so I tried it.  My goal was 157 (1 Round), but thanks to the Moody Magic, I got 264! Thank you very much!"

- Bethanie Werner, CrossFit Sandy

Owner/Head Coach

" Been continuing to follow your XWOD programming during the week.  Today I just PR'd my clean at 285lbs (20lb PR) and a body weight of 183lbs.  I thank God that I had the opportunity to attend your seminar and I can't wait to keep seeing the results due to your programming."

-Jeff Norton, CrossFit Providence

"Ryan is one of the greatest teachers in the fitness world, that I have had the pleasure to work with.  He is a hard working, extremely humble, and intelligent leader.  If you ever have the opportunity to work with him or learn from him, take it!"

- Joey Murphy, CrossFit Goldsboro


"One of the best seminars. Would host one at my gym in the future."

-Jay Higgins, CrossFit 06830

Owner/Head Coach

 "The competitors are loving The XWOD! We are looking forward to the Competitive line to open up!"

-Josh Price, Loco CrossFit

Owner/Head Coach

"Incredible coach, very motivating, wish we had him on a weekly basis.  Ryan has the ability to motivate you to push beyond your limits to see what you are actually capable of!"

-Rob Theriot Jr., CrossFit Mandeville

"Ryan joined us at our box in Japan.  His workshop was informative, motivational and inspirational.  He gave supportive information into the reasoning behind his movements.  Many of the participants were able to overcome fears that we never knew we had.  I do wish we had more time to work with him.  Would prefer a two day workshop instead of one. I strongly believe our high school athletes would benefit from his coaching!"

- Georgette Wilson, CoreFit Yokosuka

" I just redid Open Workout 15.2, and I am so glad I saw the XWOD Pre-Game Warm-Up for this workout, I was able to improve my score by 8 reps! Thanks Boss Man!"

- Laine Guillot, Mandeville CrossFit


"I took one of Ryan's seminars about 18 months ago, and the principles from that class I use each time I lift.  The best part of the seminar is what you get to apply to every part of your life, not just in the gym.  I've also had the pleasure and good fortune of connecting with Ryan outside of the seminar, and he is a truly inspirational person.  Thank you for all you do!"

-Chris Lovett, CrossFit Outcast


"Thank you so much for the seminar today! I can't wait to get back into the gym to introduce my athletes to the jumps and programming and to use them myself as I make my comeback to international competition. Some people say that explosion is natural or not and can't be taught. You've proven them wrong. Again, thank you."

-Rachel Crass

 4x Jr. World Team Member

 2010 Senior World Team Member

 "I run a dance studio.  I found the information Coach Ryan provided in his seminar was easily adapted and applied to the movements I teach.  He is clear, concise and professional in his workshops and I found him to be very personable as well.  I continue to use the principles I learned from him on a regular basis. Come with and open mind. Leave fulfilled."

-Trixie Lovette, Pole Fitness Studio


" I have done 2 of your workouts and I believe that this is the type of training that could help me break through some barriers. Im emailing you to thank you for putting this information out there for free for all of us to use and improve our fitness! I read about your XWOD training through Wod Talk magazine. The science behind this type of training just makes sense. I will make sure I keep you updated on my progress."               

- Jake Neubauer, CrossFit Stomping Ground

"Started the XWOD's this last week. Already can see this to be a game changer. Thanks for this!"

- Alex Lofgren, CrossFit Hawk

 "I love the sports psychology aspect of this program. No joke, I'm keeping this thing for future classes and to actually test your progression.  This stuff is gold. You have a massive amount of talent and passion."

-LaReux, M.S., CSCS

 Dept. of Exercise and Sport Science

 The University Of Utah

 "Moody is a great coach. He picks apart every aspect of the way you move and has a very straight forward way of coaching. He does not sugar coat anything and you either move the weight or you don't. In saying that he produces phenomenal results. In less than a hour he took me from a 95lb snatch to a 135lb snatch. Increased my clean and jerk from 155lbs to 185lbs and my power clean from 185 to 205. I had also never tried sitting box jumps and in about forty-five minutes Moody had me at a 46 inch sitting box jump. He is that good!"

- Lance, CrossFit Sandy

"Your seminar was much more than I had anticipated. I was both surprised and impressed that you spoke about imagery and the power of the mind."

- Jordan, CrossFit Free

"This was the best thing we could have done for our clients right now!!"

 -Chuck, CrossFit Hillsboro [Owner]

"I highly recommend Ryan's program. He was just at our box in Oregon this past weekend. Everyone was totally blown away by his program and fellow instructors.

-Jimmy, CrossFit Hillsboro

 "Very few people can coach you through the mental barriers we all have in our heads when it comes to our personal performance in the gym and in life.  In a very short time Ryan had me performing skills I was unsure of and moving weight I had never thought to try before.  I was impressed with Ryan’s physical skills and his explosive training techniques while seeing him work and hearing him speak.  I had no idea that the best technique I would take away from that day was the one that allowed me to visualize, clear my mind, and execute a move with complete commitment.  Where once I had decided not to try, hesitated, or in some cases failed, now I committed and executed with the confidence that I would succeed before I even moved.  Ryan’s visualization technique cleared my mind and had me executing new moves with more weight than I would have thought possible.  It gave me the ability to clear my mind of everything but the process that would allow me to jump higher, lift more, and do more reps…all in just one short day.  I couldn’t help but call my friends and describe the day of training, explaining in detail how Ryan and I had worked and the visualization techniques I had used to overcome any doubt and PERFORM as never before.  I have used Ryan’s techniques since that day and continue to push myself to ever higher performance levels every time I enter the gym and in my everyday life."

 -Dani, Shoreline CrossFit

"Thanks for the explosive seminar you had at CrossFit Hillsboro. Thanks to your techniques I increased my standing box jump with 5 inches and running box jump with almost 7. So thanks for the help!"

 -Henrik, CrossFit Hillsboro

"Ryan's insight and coaching ability completely changed the way I use my Kettlebell in a CrossFit WOD, and it even changed the way I look at them. He showed very simple, yet highly effective ways in which the use of and power from your hips makes those Bells fly! He demonstrated how technique is everything, and when one correctly utilizes their power that is specific to each movement, then their abilities (and strength!) drastically improve.  Ryan is truly motivating, inspiring, and authentically wants to help others succeed.  His passion for what he does is palpable, and I look forward to attending as many of his seminars as possible."

 -Erinn, CrossFit Miners Town

"Only 2 days after the seminar I PR'd my Deadlift and my Back Squat by 10lbs!! That and now I can box jump 36", Ive never jumped that high before!  The course was awesome, fun, and well worth it!!"

-Mandi, CrossFit Hillsboro

 "I’m a 41 yr old mother of one. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 2 years, and have NEVER been able to jump higher than the standard 20” box. And, I’ve had several box related injuries (shin gashes). I participated in Ryan Moody’s Explosive Seminar/WOD this past December and in one class, went from my standard 20” box jump to my new PR of 31”. And, it wasn’t just once. I was able to jump the 31” several times. I was in complete shock and super excited!! I’m looking forward to see what else Ryan Moody has in store!!"

 -Joy, CrossFit FXTX

"You don't have to train with Moody for long before you realize he is going to improve your ability to perform!  Once I was struggling with power snatching 185...I worked with Moody for under 30 minutes, and he had me power snatching 205 with ease! He knows how to make you more explosive, and he helps make sense of how to perform the movement more efficiently."

- Cason, CrossFit Sandy

"Since beginning Ryan Moody's Explosive Training program, I've seen a tremendous increase in my overall strength, my WOD times have significantly decreased, and my box jumps are substantially higher than they were when I began. When I began the explosive training my max height box jump was around 35 inches, and within the two months I've been doing explosion training my new max height box jump is now 50 inches. My deadlift has increased 30 pounds from 405 pounds to 435 pounds, and my clean has increased from 225 pounds to 250 pounds. I also used to not be able to keep up during WOD's but now I feel that I excel at many WOD's!"

- Eric, CrossFit FXTX