All 6 phases of XWOD "Sport" Level Programs - Sport is for individuals and teams who participate in "Traditional Sports", outside of competitive Functional Fitness.  This level is heavily percentage based, and meant to keep the athlete(s) from over-training outside of their respective sport. While still helping the athlete(s) to get ahead and stay ahead of everyone else in their sport.  [Recommended for athletes who participate in; Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, Volleyball, Track & Field, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf...etc.]  Programming provides up to 3 workouts per week. [NOTE- ALL PROGRAMS ARE DESIGNED TO INCREASE AN OVERALL INDIVIDUAL'S EXPLOSIVE SPEED & POWER -> JUMP HIGHER - RUN FASTER - LIFT HEAVIER]

  • WHITEBOARD WOD's - "Training the Mind"
  • Lifting Movement Demos
  • Explosive Movement Demos
  • Mobility Sessions with "The Movement Fix"
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  • Training Tips - Stay ahead of the curve
  • Coaches Corner - Learn from the top coaches in the industry
  • PreGame XWODs - Prepare your CNS for each "OPEN WOD"
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