LEARNING Objectives

1. Define the 3 Pathways of Explosive Training

2. Discover and Develop Explosive Training Foundations

3. Discover and Develop Mental Fortitude Foundations

4. Apply the 3 Explosive Training Pathways through Foundational Movements and Exercises

5. Define, Develop and Apply Explosive Training Programming

6. Understand the Basics of Explosive Training, Mental Fortitude Applications, Formulation for Programming, and have a General understanding of how to apply all the above to personal and group training.



Introduction: (Lecture)

- Learning to Believe in Yourself

- Safety and Avoiding Injuries

- Work v.s. Rest During the Course


Part 1: (Lecture)
- What is Explosive Training? 
- Explosive Training Hierarchy - "The 3 Pathways"

Part 2: (Movement and Exercise)
- How to Build an Explosive Foundation
- How to Build a Mentally Strong Foundation

Part 3: (Movement and Exercise)
- Explosive Foundations Part 1: Jump/Plyometric Movements


Part 4: (Movement and Exercise)
- Explosive Foundations Part 2: Kneeling Movements, Sprinting, Plyo's [part 2]

Part 5:
- Formulation for Programming, Listening to Your Body, Application to Training and Sport