How To: Reduce Hip Flexor Pain | Episode 15 | feat. Ryan Moody | The XWOD

Our hip flexors get tight quickly, and unless we monitor this by foam rolling, stretching or taking on programs like , we can set ourselves up for some really annoying issues and nagging pain. Commonly these strains or twinge’s occur when we squat often and especially when squatting heavy. It can leave us unable to lift our leg up without a good amount of pain, and even require us to manually pick up our leg with our hands. Often times to remedy the issue we start focusing on everything we can do to get the point of annoyance to calm down by focusing on the hip flexor itself. In reality, if we turn our attention to the vastus medialis, we can alleviate a large portion of the compensation pain we feel in the hip flexor and even get ourselves back to squatting in no time!